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SHAVE BRUSH 100% Boar Bristle

SHAVE BRUSH 100% Boar Bristle

Classic wet shave "must have". Makes a great gift when combine with Ellen Ruth's luxury Shaving Soap pucks. Ditch the airosol cans of foam, and pamper your skin.
(Ladies, it's not just for the men, this works wonders for leg shaving too)

If you buy a Shaving Soap too and want the soap & brush set in a gift bag, add gift bag to cart.

Boar brushes are ideal for face lathering. Because the lathering on the face part is not all about the face, it’s about the hair on your face. Boar works this hair harder, works lather into your pores and into your follicles better, and softens up the hair better by giving it a better workout. Also, contrary to popular belief, a boar brush, when wet, is not prickly, and when broken in, is soft and very easy on even sensitive skin.

Simple - Pure - Love the Shave