THE PROFESSOR  W/ Organic Whey

This is a fresh twist on the classic Bay Leaf & Tobacco with zesty notes of citrus, cedarwood and oakmoss.

The addition of organic liquid Whey along with the luxury oils and butters, makes for a thick and creamy lather.

Each bar is hand cut and trimmed and is approx. 5 oz. This listing is for one bar of soap.

Whey is gentle and slightly anti-microbial. Whey contains lactic acid, which is one of the alpha hydroxy acids. AHAs may help remove the dead surface-layer skin cells, revealing newer, younger-looking cells.

Saponified oils: Olive, Coconut, organic sustainable Palm, Sweet Almond, Cocoa butter, Castor. W/ raw organic Whey, Tussah Silk, organic Colloidal Oats, Kaolin Clay, sodium lactate, organic Cane Sugar, titanium dioxide, mica, fragrance.

If you'd like to watch this soap being made, check out my YouTube channel.

Simple, pure, love the soap!

Ellen Ruth Soap’s are cured for at least 4 weeks to produce a good, hard, long lasting bar of soap. To make them last even longer, please use a draining soap dish, so the bar can dry out between uses, it really does make a difference.